The Erenjang Project


Here at Pres we know the importance of giving back and helping others who are in a not so fortunate situation as ourselves. That's why we're so excited to announce a brand new partnership with a charity close to our hearts  - The ERENJANG PROJECT, which exists to support a nursery school in West Africa. 

Starting from September 2019 we will be introducing a smoothie of the month with all proceeds donated to the 120 nursery school children at Erenjang. The sad reality of Erenjang is that many of the children who attend come from very poor families who often cannot afford to bring lunches to school, for some children this means going through their whole school day without any food. We don't believe any child should go to school hungry. 

That's why we're raising enough funding to put in place Erenjang first ever School Feedback Program. The School Feeding Program will ensure that every child receives a warm nourishing school meal every day. That's 120 meals provided for every child everyday from fresh and local resources. The total amount to make this happen is £3500 for the year. Just like our promise to our customers in Manchester, we want to bring fresh, healthy and locally sourced foods to others because we believe a healthy life starts from the inside out. 

Please support our cause and buy a smoothie from our shop on Prestwich high street. 


Where the Erenjang Project all began...

In 2011 the owner of Pres, Chloe and her friends Hannah and Madeleine went out to Gambia on a holiday and instantly fell in love with the place and the people. Following this trip they returned to The Gambia many times always trying to help the friends they made over there. Due to other life commitments Chloe hasn't been back for a few years now but in 2016 following a trip back there Hannah and Madeleine decided they wanted to do something to help make a difference to Kotu and the Erenjang Project was born!


"The Erenjang Project works to support children in Kotu, The Gambia, throughout their earliest and most important years of education, providing support to the children who's family can not afford to send them to school. 
We believe that every child deserves the right to an education - it provides a place where they can learn, play, create, explore, grow and be children.

ol maintenance. ldren. FOR THE MAJORITY OF CHILDREN IN KOTU, NURSERY OR SCHOOL IS THEIR ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE. Through our support, we provide school fee payments, uniforms, books, teacher training fees and school. We know that by coming together we can build a brighter future for the children of Erenjang."  Hannah and Madeleine


Last year Madeleine helped to raise £10,000 for The Erenjang nursery by living on just £1 per day for 30 days. Living on £1 a day is classed as living below the poverty line and is the way 1 in 9 people in the world live. 

From the 1st April 2017 to the 31st of April 2017.  Madeleine spent only £1 a day on food, nothing on socialising, travelling or anything else.  

Her efforts caught the attention of many people including BBC Manchester Radio, The Manchester Evening news and Manchester Confidential who all reported on Madeleine's story. 

On the very last day of April Madeleine and Hannah's Justgiving page hit their target of £10,000 - the total amount needed to renovate Erenjang Nursery School entirely 

The project was a huge success. Now the erenjang project turns it's focus to the next phase - helping the children of Erenjang receive the best possible education and start in life. For 2019 they are focusing on ensuring no child comes to school hungry. The school feeding programme will feed every child every single day.  Food provided by local suppliers and cooked freshly in the school. 

Before Christmas 2018 we want to raise £3500 to succeed in helping set up the school feeding program!

For any more information on how you can help us reach this goal please feel free to speak to any of our staffing store or email Chloe at


Madeleine Penfold